What are CVD Diamonds and Why Should You Buy Them

CVD diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties. Different people have different reasons to buy CVD diamonds.

The rising popularity of CVD diamonds has been well documented by all of India’s top media outlets. The ever-changing tastes and preferences of the urban Indian buyer have had a significant role to play in the ever-growing popularity of lab grown diamonds. Here’s the real thing with lab grown diamonds: they are clear and bright (as they do not contain impurities of any kind). So,Guest Posting it will not be wrong to say that CVD diamonds are refined and clean.However, many people tend to nurture a belief that CVD diamonds are not real. Well, that is certainly not true. Lab grown diamonds are made using a specialized process. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) helps give rise to lab grown diamonds. These diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as the ones that are mined out of the earth’s surface.What Sets Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds Apart?Well, it is their clarity that sets them apart. Both of these diamond types have similar physical and chemical qualities. However, lab grown diamonds are far more ‘refined’ and clear than naturally-occurring diamonds. That is because natural diamonds are full of impurities. As all natural diamonds are mined out of the surface of our planet, they are bound to contain several impurities.Why Should you buy CVD Diamonds?It goes without saying that lab grown diamonds have seen a monumental surge in popularity. Different people have different reasons to buy lab-grown diamonds.CVD Diamonds do Not Come from War Torn RegionsIt is a given fact that a large chunk of the world’s diamond reserves is located in the war-torn regions of the Dark Continent. Many of the naturally-occurring diamonds are sourced from the ‘grey areas’. Also, most of the natural diamonds are used to finance unrests and wars. This is exactly where lab-grown diamonds come into the picture. CVD diamonds are considered ethical because they are manufactured inside a lab. They Leave Behind No Mineral WasteAs per reports, Canada alone produces close to 950,000 tons of waste rocks and tailings. Once the diamond reserves within a mine are exhausted, it is abandoned. This means the scars left by mining are bound to leave the planet in tatters. This is where lab grown diamonds come in handy. They are manufactured in a lab without damaging the environment.Not an Inch of Land is Disturbed While Manufacturing Lab Grown DiamondsUnearth a few reports dealing with the degradation caused by diamond mining and you will realize that nearly 100 square feet of land is disturbed/hampered in order to acquire a carat of diamond. Also, more than 120 gallons of water are consumed by a carat of naturally-occurring diamonds. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, consume less than 20 gallons of water.Search for a lab grown diamond company if you want to buy a diamond that’s eco-friendly. Search for only the best lab-grown diamond companies in India if you wish to get your hands on the best CVD diamonds. It would be no rocket science to understand that not all diamonds are genuine. Therefore, you need to be careful whilst choosing the right diamond for the ones you love.